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Wood chipboard machine SDS-3

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells with a guarantee wood chipboard machines SDS-3 of its own production with delivery in Russia. The industrial equipment designed for processing lumber is distinguished by its high productivity, reliability, ease of maintenance and operation. The use of quality raw materials, imported components and mechanisms ensures a long service life with low energy consumption. The production period does not exceed 20 working days.

Designation, design features

Wood chipboard machine SDS-3 is an industrial plant for processing various types of wood, lumber and recycled materials into chips (sawdust). The resulting material is used for the production of biofuels (briquettes, pellets, pellets), as bedding for birds or animals, and for packaging, fibreboard and other needs. Increased productivity within the range of 30-40 cubic metres of recyclable materials per hour has been achieved through the use of a movable block of planing shafts, which moves continuously when the wood is stationary. This solution eliminates idle runs and pauses needed to load raw materials or to maintain a certain volume of raw materials, which is typical for units with mobile loading bunkers.

Structural subtleties

In addition to a movable shaft unit with adjustable lowering height, a special feature of the equipment offered is the lateral arrangement of three 3-5 kW electric motors. The larger volume hopper with dimensions of 1550x610x700 mm (DhShV) allows continuous loading without interrupting the planing cycle. In order to set the required chip sizes, the shaft extension has to be adjusted.

Advantages of CDS-3

  • Efficient. You can buy a wood chipboard machine with modernised knife drums from us. Using cutting elements with a width of 600 mm or more not only allows us to achieve high productivity, but also allows us to process large diameter rounds.
  • It is practical. A fixed hopper with a wide loading window allows for continuous safe material loading, both manually and mechanically, without interrupting the production process.
  • Reliable. The mobile carriage is driven by a mechanical drive based on imported components, ensuring a long service life with maximum loads.
  • Convenient. If it is necessary to change the chip size, the lowering height of the cutting elements can be adjusted during the lumber processing process. The machine does not need to be shut down beforehand.
  • Comfortable. The machines can be equipped with scraper conveyors, belt conveyors or suction units to remove and collect the finished material into packaging.
  • Universal. The equipment offered can be used either separately or as part of production lines for the production of briquetted fuel, building materials, fertilisers or joinery products.

The company NPF "TECHROMSERVICE" offers industrial equipment of increased productivity with a full list of related services. You can buy wood chipboard machines on credit, lease or prepay. Our craftsmen are ready to perform set-up and commissioning, as well as to train staff. We ensure the supply of spare parts and carry out maintenance and repair work throughout the entire life cycle. To consult and make an application, call our managers or use the feedback option.