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Turning machine STL-1

Technical specifications

Threading machine with manual tool feed STL-1 is designed for transverse cutting of lumber – trimming of blanks into size and cutting out defects of lumber. It is suitable for use both in line and separately. The saw blade, together with a 1.5 kW motor, is mounted on a pendulum that moves manually over the working plane.

Properties and features of STL-1 milling machine

  • Rotating transmission is directly from the electric motor, reducing the number of wearing parts and making the machine more reliable.
  • The pendulum mechanism of the machine is balanced for easy feed of the saw into the cutting zone and return under the action of a spring.
  • The rubber damper installed on the machine prevents hard impacts.
  • Closed type fencing protects the operator reliably.
  • Direction of rotation of the facing machine saw from the operator.
  • Compact size and weight, low energy consumption.

Additional information

production time 5 working days (depending on production workload)
12 months
Payment options
“center”>-100% prepayment (for equipment available)
“center”>Pre-payment of 50% and final payment upon readiness of equipment for shipment – at manufacturing
Present through our partners or at the discretion of the consumer
Call or by agreement (not included in the basic cost)
Installation service
“center”>Chief of installation or commissioning (not included in the basic cost)