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Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells steppfiders of its own production. With the necessary technical and material support, we develop machines of various complexity using the best Russian and foreign components and mechanisms. The equipment is manufactured to individual specifications and specifications. The universal design with the possibility of modification allows us to integrate the proposed devices into lines for various purposes. Regardless of the degree of automation or other parameters, high productivity, reliability and efficiency are maintained.


Stepfinder with a piece-by-piece output is designed to complete sawmill lines for wood processing. The unit performs the functions of splitting and feeding logs to a longitudinal conveyor for further processing of timber – sawing, sorting and/or bucking.


The machine design is as simple, reliable and efficient as possible. It consists of a rigid profiled frame, two pairs of step breakers, a motor, a drive mechanism and additional elements. Control is carried out via a switch cabinet. The panel can be placed remotely, organising control and monitoring operations as efficiently as possible.

Working Principle

The principle of the steppfinder is to grip the logs with its stops and climb up to the next steps. The decks that are picked up are constantly moved up one by one. Thanks to the inclination and special configuration of the stops, surplus logs slide down immediately. Only one deck remains at each stage. If it is necessary to lift the round material to working heights and/or additional decoupling, we offer the use of an inclined chain breaker conveyor. This equipment can also be ordered with delivery.

Advantages of the stepper feeder

  • High efficiency. Carefully designed four-stage construction ensures high productivity. Unit feed speed of up to 17 logs per minute.
  • Reliability. The use of imported components and mechanisms in combination with a high-strength frame and hydraulic drive ensures high wear resistance and long service life under intensive work with maximum loads.
  • Versatility. The equipment is designed to work with round timber with thickness from 100 to 500 mm at lengths of 4-6.5 metres.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance is due to the carefully designed design.
  • High repairability, availability of components and spare parts allow the maximum reduction of operating costs.

Our company sells a wide range of modern equipment to equip enterprises producing lumber, wood processing and waste processing. We offer individual machines and complete lines for full or partial cycles with different levels of automation. The solutions we supply are easy to use, safe and reliable. Contact a TechPromCERVICE manager to find out more about our capabilities and make a profitable purchase.