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SM15-40 Multi-Saw Machine

Technical specifications

Multi-saw machine SM15-40 is made according to a single-shaft scheme and is designed for sawing into non-edged boards of a two-sided beam or a carriage up to 2-6 m long and up to 400 mm wide with a thickness of 25-150 mm. Production units are in great demand at sawmills, lumber, furniture, packaging, biofuel, wood boards and other building materials production facilities. If operated correctly, one unit is capable of processing up to 30 cubic metres of raw materials. You can order a multi-saw machine with delivery across Russia and the CIS with a full range of related services.

Constructional features

Multi-saw machine SM15-40 – designed according to the classic scheme based on a single-shaft saw unit. Depending on the tasks, the design provides for the possibility of installing up to seven circular saws with a diameter of up to 450 mm. The cutting elements are mounted in a vertical plane, providing longitudinal cut of the workpiece into several non-edged boards.

  • The machine design consists of the following main components and mechanisms:
  • Frame frame made of channels and thick-walled supports, reinforced with ribs. From the outside, it is lined with solid sheets of rolled steel. The corrosion resistance is ensured by a special coating.
  • Mechanism of billets supply with 1.5 kW gear motor.
  • Single-shaft saw unit with one transverse shaft, which is rotated by a 45 kW electric motor.
  • Receiving table – roller conveyor or conveyor.
  • Cognitive protection against accidental scrapping.
  • Switching, control and protection unit in the form of a remote control cabinet on a rack with an additional console.


In the basic configuration, the multi-blade machine is delivered without saws, with a two-row claw curtain, a set of ZIP, a key for locking the saws and a set of delivery, the dimensions of which are specified by the customer in the application. Upon individual requests, a set of saws, a reception table for 4 rollers, additional spacers, laser pointers, transverse conveyors, other part-time equipment, tooling and accessories are provided.

Benefits CM15-40

  • Advanced performance and long service life thanks to carefully designed layout combined with the use of imported gear motors, certified units and mechanisms.
  • High strength construction is designed for intensive operation with maximum loads over a wide temperature range.
  • The simple layout on the basis of the single-shaft saw unit provides a minimum of settings, versatility of application, and ease of maintenance and repair.
  • Balanced design ensures, with the right settings, high dimensional accuracy of the finished products and perfect cut quality without “steps”.
  • Adjustable speed of feed of workpieces into the saw unit in the range from 5 to 20 meters per second.
  • A wide range of sizes of finished products is achieved through the possibility of mounting up to seven saws at a distance of 20-300 mm from each other.
To consult and buy a SM15-40 multi-saw machine that is maximally adapted to the needs of your company, please contact our manager. Profile engineers will develop an optimal project taking into account the technological operations of a particular production. Once the components have been manufactured, we will arrange for delivery and assembly of the machine on site. If necessary, our employees will instruct operators and put the equipment into operation. Throughout the life cycle we provide full information and technical support with related services, including maintenance, repair and modernisation. To find out more, please call the managers of Techpromservis NPF.