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Separator for swarf SBL-100

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells its own SIBL-100 separators. The equipment is supplied with a full list of services. Our specialists provide information and technical support throughout the entire operation period. We provide consulting, arrange delivery across Russia, perform assembly and installation of equipment with commissioning. If necessary, we provide maintenance and repair, as well as operator training, modernization and integration into automated complexes. Find out detailed information on available configurations of wood and lumber processing lines by contacting our managers.

Designation, operating principle, structural subtleties

Separator SBL-100 – continuous electromechanical complex for sorting sawdust, chips and other bulk materials into specified fractions. If necessary, it can be used to clean (separate) chips from large foreign inclusions (particles, lumps), including to protect equipment from damage.

Design of the SBL-100 automated complex

The separator for separating wood chips into fractions has been designed as follows:

  • Frame made of steel profiles on adjustable supports.
  • Drum-type separator hopper – chamber with loading box equipped with a large inclusions limiter (grate).
  • Sieve with a set of replaceable screens (grids) with calibrated holes of various diameters.
  • Drive – electric motor with a gearbox.
  • Protection unit with control panel

Working Principle

The principle of sorting chips into fractions is based on the use of gravity. An electric motor, through a chain drive, rotates the separation hopper shaft on which a sieve with a replaceable screen is mounted. Raw material is loaded into a box and fed to the rotating screen via a sloping tray. Fine particles pass through the sieve gauge holes and enter the discharge box. The coarse fraction is poured out through the discharge hatch for the waste as it moves along the screen. The output of the required fractions is adjusted by installing a separation screen (grid) with cells of the required diameter. The machine can operate independently or as part of automated lines for processing lumber, chip production, biofuel production and other complexes.


In the basic version, the separator is supplied together with a conveyor belt that ensures that the raw materials are loaded into the box. If necessary, additional loading spigots and conveyors can be ordered to move the finished material to the place of storage, further processing or loading into the transport.

Advantages of SBL-100

  • Improved productivity. The automated complex is designed for sorting up to 400 cubic metres of wood chips per shift.
  • Reliability. Rigid construction is characterized by good durability, resistance to stress, corrosion, temperature fluctuations and other aggressive factors.
  • Versatility. A large selection of separation screens with calibration holes of different cross sections allows the machine to be used for processing various types of bulk materials.
  • Practicality. Carefully designed layout ensures fast assembly and commissioning.
  • Convenient. Minimum service and maintenance are required during operation. High degree of maintainability, available components and consumables.

To ask questions and order a separator with delivery, please contact the manager of NPF Techpromservis!