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Screw roller conveyor for board driving away

Technical specifications

A board driving screw roller can be purchased with delivery within Russia. NPF TECHPROMSERVICE sells its own equipment for deep processing of wood, sorting of lumber and waste processing at low prices. A large selection of items allows you to buy both individual machines and complex solutions tailored to the needs of a particular enterprise. Our specialists assist in selecting the optimal configuration, installation and commissioning of lines. We provide full information and technical support at all stages – from the registration of applications to the end of the life of the equipment purchased from us. Our craftsmen carry out maintenance, modernisation and repair work, and also train operators if necessary.

Appointment, operating principle

Screwboard Gripping Roller (SGG Roller) – a special drive-type complex for mechanised feeding of sawn timber into the further processing zone or for the removal of blanks after cutting. Productive and reliable machines in this category are the most efficient and inexpensive solution for the full or partial automation of sawn timber production or processing processes.

The design of the drive RVSD is based on the following parts:

  • Rigid frame frame made of high-strength pipes and profiles protected against corrosion by powder coating.
  • The gear motor has a capacity of 3 kW.
  • Coupling with star blocks and roller and bushing chains.
  • Original screw type rollers rotating on bearings.
  • Protection unit with control panel.

If necessary, the roller conveyor can be ordered with curved sections of the tilting type, turning circles, switches, and other equipment, taking into account specific technological operations.

Working principle

The key elements of RWSA are 30 mm diameter screw rollers. They are mounted on a solid frame made of steel profiles. The original configuration, combined with a carefully designed layout, ensures that the boards are driven and moved in a given direction. If necessary, the direction of rotation can be reversed, e.g. for the removal of workpieces after machining.

An electric drive is provided to ensure that the boards are moved continuously in a horizontal plane. Through the chain socket, star blocks and roller and bushing chains, it ensures the rotation of the screw rollers. The control panel can be used to adjust both the feed speed between 5 and 45 metres of lumber per minute and the direction in which they move.

Advantages of the RWDF

  • Increased productivity with the ability to move heavy boards, timber and other lumber in two directions.
  • High reliability thanks to carefully designed layout, reinforced with ribs.
  • Long service life with heavy loads and minimum maintenance.
  • Easy integration into automated lines for various applications.
  • Easy installation, connection and commissioning without the need for complex equipment.
  • High repairability, available spare parts, consumables and accessories.

To consult and buy screw rollers for driving boards with delivery, please contact our managers via messenger or phone. A specialist will answer questions and suggest the best conveyor configuration for your specific application.