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ProSAW-200 multi saw machine

Technical specifications

The NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers ProSAW-200 multi-sawing machines to complete companies specialising in wood processing or the production of various wood products. The production equipment makes it possible to produce up to 250 cubic metres of quality board from a bar or a carriage with minimum waste. Our company sells a wide range of equipment for semi-automatic and automatic lumber production lines of its own design. The machines are supplied with a full list of additional services – from the development of the project taking into account the peculiarities of a particular enterprise to the commissioning of the finished complex. We provide maintenance, modernisation and integration into production facilities that are already in operation. If necessary, we carry out repairs, train operators. To learn more details, please call our managers.

Designation, design details

The ProSAW-200 multi-saw machine is an electromechanical complex for the production of high-quality trimming boards by means of longitudinal automatic sawing of a two-sided beam or carriage from 1.2 m long. Structurally, it is made according to a twin-shaft scheme based on the following main parts:

  • Frame frame made of thick-walled supports and channels covered with sheet metal with protective anti-corrosion coating.
  • Receiving conveyor – roller conveyor consisting of three more rollers for comfortable loading of a bar or a carriage.
  • Saw unit, the main elements of which are two shafts (lower and upper) with the possibility of installing up to 10 circular saws with a diameter of 300 mm on each of them.
  • The main power unit – two electric drives with a capacity of 45 kW – provides rotation of the saw unit shafts.
  • A blank feed mechanism with 3 kW gear motors.
  • Switching, control and protection unit with a remote panel located on the left side of the protective cover.
  • The design of the ProSAW-200 machine allows for the installation of a suction system – sawdust collection and removal.

Working principle

The loading of the beam or carriage onto the receiving conveyor is carried out manually, using a forklift or additional conveyor. Once the workpiece is identified, the operator pushes the workpiece to the saw unit. As the workpiece continues to be moved using the roller conveyor, it is cut longitudinally with circular saws.

The feed rate of the workpiece is set manually from the control panel. The feed rate can be adjusted between 3 and 30 metres per minute by selecting the optimum speed of the gear motor.

Benefits of the ProSAW-200

  • High productivity with minimum waste thanks to the small cutting width.
  • A long service life is ensured by the carefully designed double-shaft design combined with the use of certified components and assemblies.
  • Intuitive settings, easy operation, easy maintenance.
  • Low loads on the saw unit due to the use of small diameter circular saw blades allow the use of electric motors of lower power, which increases the profitability of production
  • High precision in the geometric dimensions of the finished board.
  • The possibility of using the machine both separately and as part of automated lumber production lines.
  • Rotation speed and load indicators provide reliable protection for electric motors against short circuits and overloads.

To ask questions and apply for delivery of the ProSAW-200 multi-saw machine, please contact the managers of Tekhpromservis NPF. We will always offer the best configuration of equipment to meet the specific needs of your company.