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Press pneumohydraulic CCPP-500K

Technical specifications

TECHPROMSERVICE Company manufactures pneumohydraulic presses PGU-500K (on camera) in various configurations. Equipment deliveries are implemented with a full list of services. These services include project development for specific needs, production, delivery and installation with subsequent commissioning. At all stages of operation, our engineers provide full information support. If necessary, we train operators, maintain, repair and modernise presses or other machines purchased from us. The equipment offered at low prices is manufactured in accordance with GOST and international standards. As a manufacturer, we guarantee high reliability, efficiency and maintainability of implemented solutions with short lead times.

Destination, work features

Pneumohydraulic press PGU-500K is a universal complex of two-channel type with manual loading, providing production of glued beam, boards or other wood products in semi-automatic mode. The production of moulded structures is realized by a combination of a manual set of dry billets and longitudinal splicing of sorted lumber in the process of 3-4 cycles of pressing. Calibrated billets with end mini spikes are pre-sorted by the operator on the feed table. They are then milled with the subsequent application of an adhesive mixture. The formed set is then fed into the press using a belt conveyor. After three to four press cycles with a force of 8.6 tonnes, the finished lamellas are cut to length.

Constructional nuances, configuration

The basic layout of the pneumatic-hydraulic press is a frame frame based on a solid bed, welded from steel channels and reinforced with ribs. Power units, units and control cabinet are mounted inside a solid structure. Adjustment, mode selection, start, shutdown and control of current parameters are carried out using a remote control panel.

In the basic configuration, the CCPP-500K is supplied without a feed table and conveyor. Upon individual requests it is possible to complete the press with a feeding platform 160×2000 mm, a belt conveyor 1.1 kW, a remote control, sensors, manometers, bundle separator and other devices and equipment.

Benefits of CCPP-500K

Popularity of universal complexes PGU-500K NPF TECHPROMSERVICE due to the following points:

  • Efficiency. We offer industrial plants that are maximally adapted to the needs of a particular enterprise (production).
  • Productivity. The implemented equipment provides splicing of up to 4 thousand running metres of beam per shift.
  • Reliability. A carefully designed layout combined with the use of quality components and mechanisms ensures a long service life with minimum maintenance.
  • Universal. Pneumatic-hydraulic presses are delivered completely ready for use. If necessary, they can be used separately or integrated into production lines for furniture, containers, panels and other structures made of wood.