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Press hydraulic briquetting PGB-100

Technical specifications

LLC NPF "Tekhpromservice" sells hydraulic presses for briquetting chips PGB-100 series of own production. We have the necessary capacities and experienced specialists to develop modern reliable wood processing equipment. In addition to the design and development of machines and production lines of closed cycle, our company provides a full range of additional services. These services include installation, adjustment, commissioning, maintenance, repair and modernization. If necessary, our employees provide training for working personnel. All equipment is sold with delivery in Russia and CIS.

Designation and features

Hydraulic briquetting press of PGB-100 series is a reliable and productive complex designed for processing wood chips and small chips into fuel briquettes. Purchase of such equipment allows to receive additional benefit from waste with minimum expenses. Production of briquettes does not require additional materials or raw materials.

The finished material is formed under the influence of the press, without any binders. Due to the ecological purity and high degree of heat transfer, the resulting product is actively used for heating equipment of different capacity and purpose.

Construction Features

  • The design of the machine allows its installation with a minimum amount of preparatory work for putting into operation.
  • The shape of the bunker to receive raw materials eliminates the accumulation of material, ensuring its displacement in the pressing chamber under natural weight.
  • The maximum simplicity of the control cabinet makes operation easier without requiring long and difficult training for the operators.
  • The machine can be installed indoors, on indoor and outdoor areas. The equipment is designed for operation in dry weather at negative temperatures.

Advantages of PGB-100

The use of a hydraulic briquetting press at a woodworking plant allows reducing the volume of chips or small chips by up to 90%. Buying PGB-100 provides several advantages:

  • Increase of the enterprise profit due to recycling of waste into fuel briquettes.
  • Space saving – no additional space for waste storage is needed: chips and small chips.
  • No lengthy staff training is required for the machine operation.
  • The briquette is made of sawdust without any additional additives, adhesives and other binding materials.
  • The machine is characterized by increased reliability and reinforced design, which is confirmed by the warranty.

Description of the design and operation principle of PGB-100

The equipment is controlled via the built-in remote control cabinet. It, like all component parts, is placed on a rigid steel frame, which ensures the reliability and mobility of the machine. The main elements of the design are:

  • The loading hopper is needed for the accumulation of raw materials. It is a rectangular chamber. A rotor with blades is mounted at the bottom of the hopper.
  • The feeder is equipped with a piston, which ensures the pre-compaction of the material and its movement under the press.
  • The press chamber with hydraulic system forms briquettes by compressing the material in several steps. The chamber and cylinder are made of high-strength steel, which excludes destruction during the pressing process.
  • Electric motor provides rotation of pump, which creates pressure in the system, forming the pressing force.

Get in touch with your manager for more information. Our specialists will answer questions, help you with the application and selection of equipment tailored to the specific enterprise.