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Lumberjacking machine ProSAW-460

Technical specifications

The ProSAW-460 lumbering machine is a productive pass type complex, which is the main element of an automated lumber production line. It provides sawing of round timber with thickness of 100-460 mm and length up to 3-6,5 m. Depending on current needs, it allows the production of a carriage (two-sided beam) by sawing the logs "into a breakdown" or with a beam. In addition to the timber, two humpbacks with a podgorbyl board remain after cutting the timber. The estimated capacity is up to 500 cubic metres or 240-320 logs per eight-hour shift.

Structural subtleties

The design of the ProSAW lumbering machine is based on a twin-shaft scheme:

  • Frame frame made of thick-walled, square cross-section profiles reinforced with ribs.
  • Receiving caterpillar-type conveyor.
  • Boom-type pusher provides log feed.
  • Pneumatic-type top pushers in combination with V-type tracks ensure that the workpiece is aligned during cutting.
  • Two pairs of drive-type extractor rollers at the exit of the machine.
  • Two saw shafts, providing up to 8 saws each. The movable upper roll is equipped with a quick-change saw mechanism for cutting thinner workpieces.
  • A set of 630 mm diameter saws, arranged in pairs in one plane, which ensure that the logs are cut from the inside with minimal kerf.
  • A transporter with a set of wedging knives to separate the sawn material into a beam, slab and board.
  • Two main motor drives with a power of 75 kW.
  • A set of feed drives with a total power of 12 kW.
  • Device for chip removal.
  • Switching and protection unit with remote control panel and remote console.

Working Principle

The timber is loaded onto the receiving table using a tracked conveyor. A pusher then grabs the log from the end and moves it to the saw unit. The round timber is securely locked in place thanks to the top clamps and the V-shaped track configuration. The saws cut the log from the inside, and wedging knives are mounted at the exit of the saw unit. As the processed material moves along the conveyor belt, they divide it into a beam, a slab and a humpboard.

Benefits of ProSAW-460

  • Efficient. Our company sells ProSAW lumbering machines of its own production, which are maximally adapted to the needs of a particular enterprise. Profile engineers develop the design taking into account certain technological processes, requirements and wishes of the customer. This approach guarantees high productivity and fast payback of the proposed equipment.
  • Reliable. Carefully designed construction combined with the use of certified components and parts ensures a long service life with a high level of maintainability.
  • Practical. Sawing technology from the inside reduces the load on the saw unit, minimises contamination, wear and blunting of the saws. The use of two pairs of extraction rollers at the outlet eliminates the emission of unedged lumber towards the infeed conveyor.
  • It is universal. Ability to saw timber of different thicknesses and lengths, both "in a fall" and with lumber. The use of a twin-shaft scheme with a movable top shaft not only significantly increases the productivity of the machine, but also allows for the processing of thinner pieces.

To consult and order a ProSAW-460 bar machine with integration into a specific production facility, please contact the manager of TechPromServis NPF. An experienced engineer, having promptly answered the questions, will offer the best solution taking into account specific requirements and wishes!