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Longitudinal lumber scanner

Technical specifications

The longitudinal quality scanner for sawn timber is used in cutting and sorting lines. The system can detect visible wood defects and geometry irregularities.

The scanner consists of:

  • 1 Optical module for detecting visible defects – from camera images using adaptive algorithms (neural networks, etc)
  • 2. Lighting system
  • 3. System of 4 chambers
  • 4. The control part that collects data from cameras and identifies visible defects
  • 5. Laser module for determination of form defects
  • 6. System of 4 line lasers
  • 7. System of 4 chambers
  • 8. The control part that collects data from the cameras and identifies defects in the form
  • 9. Scanner casing
  • 10. Conveyor system
  • 11. The management part that determines the cutting and/or sorting of each workpiece based on the data on defects and the rules of optimisation and/or sorting
  • 12. A communication system that allows optimisers and sorting lines to be connected to different interfaces

An automated control system that keeps complete records, processing and storage of information on the production process

GOST 2140-81 Visible wood defects are used to determine defects. Classification, terms and definitions, methods of measurement.

Definable defects:

  • Bitch fused/neglected
  • Healthy/rotten, rotten, tobacco
  • Passenger boy
  • Cracks
  • Inclination of fibers
  • Crank
  • Pocket
  • Core
  • Cancer
  • Zasolok
  • False core
  • Internal sapwood
  • Sprout
  • Rot
  • Wormhole