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Log leveller

Technical specifications

Tree-leveler – a special machine that provides preparation of raw materials before storing, loading to a wood processing line or producing sawn timber. NPF “TECHROMSERVICE” implements an extensive list of both piece equipment and complex solutions of its own design for companies of various purposes and profiles. Along with the supply of machines and production lines, we provide full information and technical support throughout the life of the equipment purchased from us. For more details, please call our managers.

Destination, operating principle

The log leveller (WB) or end faceplate is a highly specialised machine in the form of two sliding platforms mounted on a solid bed. The machine is designed to prepare round timber packs for storage or further processing, taking into account the peculiarities of a particular technological operation. The design consists of the following main parts:

  • High strength frame made of thick-walled steel channels, reinforced with ribs.
  • Two movable platforms – cross-beams combined with vertical struts and end shields. The platforms are mounted in such a way that it is possible to rotate the protruding boards in relation to the horizontal plane, ensuring the convergence and divergence of the protruding boards.
  • Handed mechanism – a parallelogram designed to combine platforms with the ability to simultaneously rotate and lower platforms under the weight of a pack of logs. In its original state, it ensures the lifting and turning of the end faces to the sides.

Principle of work

The work of the log leveller has been implemented as follows. The split bundle of logs is placed by means of a crane or a loader on the cross beams of the two end loaders in the upper, starting position. Under the influence of the weight, the platform deck is lowered, shifting on the rollers in accordance with the length of the logs. At the same time, the end shields are rotated and the protruding ends of the deck are moved towards the centre.
The logs are lowered before the shields are installed in an upright position. Once the bundle is leveled, the wood is removed from the machine. The swivel mechanism causes the end plates to return to their original position.

Benefits of a log leveller

  • Effective. The increased strength structure is designed for intensive operation with maximum loads.
  • Reliable. Powder coating of the metal parts of the face provides resistance to aggressive influences of moisture, precipitation and temperature fluctuations.
  • Duringly. Carefully designed layout guarantees a long service life with minimum maintenance and preventive work.
  • Universal. By changing the position of the end shields, the leveller is used to process stacks of logs of different lengths.
  • Practical. Easy access to the power elements, components and mechanisms of the structure ensures convenient maintenance and repair.

To ask questions and apply for a log leveller, please contact our managers in a convenient way. The specialist will promptly tell you about the possibilities of the equipment being sold and offer the best solution for specific operating conditions. In addition to the standard projects presented in the catalogue, you can order machines or complete wood processing solutions tailored to your company’s specific technological processes.