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Infinite splicing press

Technical specifications

NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" specializes in the design and manufacture of professional equipment for wood processing. We create modern presses that provide automation of woodworking, sawmill and plywood plants. The proposed solutions are highly reliable and versatile. Detailed design allows to integrate them into different production facilities as accurately and efficiently as possible. The press is made on the basis of the individual technical task. Production standards allow to change certain parts and parameters taking into account peculiarities of specific operating conditions: region, building, operations performed, blanks to be processed, etc.. As a result, the equipment supplied meets the requirements precisely, while maintaining high performance characteristics.

Purpose, features of equipment, scheme of work

Endless splicing press – is an important part of lumber processing lines. It is needed to increase productivity through fast set-up and reliable joining of workpiece joints. The design provides the possibility to work with boards of different width, length and thickness. The peculiarity consists in high accuracy of performed operations with full automation.

Endless splicing press is designed to standardize the length of boards by completing joints of different lengths of blanks. The material is loaded into the machine with ready-made jigsaws for joining. It performs cross-jointing of dry blanks of the same width and thickness. With its help glued bar, wooden beams and other fastened products are made.

Design and principle of operation

For fast splicing of lumber according to the technology the machine design includes:

  • loading table with supporting rollers;
  • a device for applying glue to the joints;
  • system of fixation of hydraulic press of longitudinal splicing and pneumatic facing;
  • control and monitoring unit for operating parameters.

Working principle is as simple as possible. The loaded material is aligned along the direction of movement by special rollers. Then the workpieces fall under the clamping mechanism, which fixes them before applying glue to the joints. After that the boards pass to the pressing mechanism. Here, the workpieces are pressed together and the excess of the binder mixture is squeezed out.

Advantages of the endless splicing press from "TECHPROMSERVICE"

  • Increased reliability is the result of the use of increased strength and reinforced, carefully designed parts.
  • Versatility – the ability to process materials with different characteristics, easy integration into finished lines.
  • High efficiency: high speed of material feed, high accuracy of performed operations.
  • Easy maintenance – the result of simple design, the use of common consumables.

NPF "TECHROMSERVICE" produces not only automated machines, but also multitask complex solutions. Availability of experience and resources makes it possible to develop complex projects with a full cycle of operations from preparation of raw materials to production of finished materials. We will help to increase productivity and functionality of the enterprise by providing high efficiency of production and expanding its possibilities. Contact your manager in a convenient way to discuss options, ask questions and buy an endless splicing press on favorable terms.