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Hydraulic time for gluing the beam

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Technical specifications

Hydraulic locks for gluing wood can be ordered in various designs. Engineers from NPF TECHPROMSERVICE are ready to promptly develop an optimal solution for the needs of a particular enterprise. We offer a wide range of Russian and imported components and machinery. Extensive experience in design allows us to produce presses for the production of prefabricated parts and structures made of wood of various types. At low prices, we can order waims with different number of sections working in manual, semi-automatic and/or automatic mode.

Purpose, design features

Hydraulic Gluing Machine (HTW) is a pneumatic-hydraulic press designed for making parts and structures from wood by gluing dry billets of different types under high pressure. It provides production of glued bars, boards, panels, beams and other products on an industrial scale.

The section structure of HTW is designed individually for specific operating conditions on the basis of the following main parts:

  • Frame frame of welded type 8960x1090x1960 mm (DhShV) of increased strength made of steel profiles of rectangular cross-section.
  • Hydraulic presses ensure section contraction of billets in the vertical plane.
  • The total number of hydraulic cylinders with a maximum rod stroke of 100 mm is up to 12 units. Vertical presses are mounted on the upper bed, providing maximum pressing forces of 94.2 bar
  • Pneumatic recoil clamps provide frontal fixation of the workpieces during compression.
  • Their number can be up to 10 pieces. Pneumatic cylinders are mounted on the front of the frame with the possibility of lateral displacement (rollback) for easy loading and unloading of material.
  • Electric motor 3 kW, providing drive for hydraulic pump and compressor.
  • Hydraulic pump with capacity 20-105 atm.
  • Compressor providing up to 0.8 mPa pressure in the pneumatic system.
  • Set of pressure gauges for pressure control in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Switching and protection unit – remote electric cabinet on a rack with a control panel on the door and remote control.

Principle of work, options available

In the starting position, the front clamps are in the extreme left or right position. The loading of dry, pre-treated workpieces is carried out manually, one by one, with consecutive application of glue or a bag using a loader or other mechanised method. After loading, the front clamps are placed to obtain a given configuration of the beam or shield. The compression parameters in the vertical plane are set from the control panel. After switching on the power supply, the voima performs the specified pressing program.

In case of individual requests, it is possible to complete the basic HTW configuration with the following options:

  • Automatic control of each block, pressure, cylinder
  • Automatic pressure maintenance machine for shrinkage process
  • Additional clamps on the sides;
  • Electronic timer, etc.

Contact our managers for more information about available bundling options and options.

Benefits of TechPROMSERVICE Pneumohydraulic Waist

We can be used for gluing different parts and structures from a board width of 40 to 6100 mm with lengths up to 6000 mm.

The presence of frontal clamps allows for the production of complex configuration products.

Larger safety margin ensures long service life with minimum maintenance.

The ability to manufacture and deliver equipment in various single- or double-side loading configurations.

Call our managers in Vologda to ask questions and apply for a turnkey supply of pneumohydraulic ring tyres from the manufacturer.