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Hydraulic press for gluing the beam

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Technical specifications

TECHPROMSERVICE offers at low prices the supply of hydraulic presses of PG series of own design for production of construction timber on a turnkey basis. The powerful units are equipped with high quality hydraulic systems that ensure vertical pressing of the blank package simultaneously with the front press. The machines are manufactured according to individual requests, taking into account the technological characteristics of a particular enterprise. Deliveries are organised with a full list of additional services, including installation supervision, commissioning, maintenance, consultations and operator training.

Destination, structural subtleties

Hydraulic press for gluing of timber (HPGB) – automated complex with horizontal loading for production of timber, boards, other construction materials from wood by cold gluing of dry lamellas under high pressure. The machine is designed to complete the technological lines of wood processing enterprises, furniture factories, carpentry workshops, etc. It allows receiving products up to 210 mm wide at heights up to 1340 mm and length up to 6100 mm.


  • Welded frame frame made of thick-walled steel profiles, reinforced with kerchiefs.
  • Set of ten vertical hydraulic cylinders mounted on the lower bed.
  • Loading platform – feed table with six hydraulic cylinders for lifting, lowering and frontal clamping of the workpieces during the bonding process.
  • hydraulic station (electric motor with pump) of remote type.
  • Switching and protection unit – electric cabinet with remote control and operator panel.

Principle of work

The blades are loaded into the press by means of a conveyor or other means after the feed table has been lowered horizontally in advance. After the lamellas have been laid with consecutive application of glue, the operator switches on the power to the pumping station. The feed table lifts the workpiece set into a vertical position. The platform is then fixed to the top beam using pins.

The hydraulic station provides hydraulic cylinders for vertical pressing and frontal pressing. At the end of a given compression cycle, the hydraulic cylinder rods return to their original position. The platform is released from the upper grips and lowered to the horizontal plane.

Benefits of SGS

  • High productivity is achieved through the mechanisation of labour-intensive bookmarking and unloading processes.
  • Advanced safety margin in combination with imported components and assemblies ensures a long service life with minimum maintenance.
  • Package loading of pressed blades and subsequent unloading after gluing is done mechanically. The operator controls the bundle from a remote panel or console.
  • Electronic scheme of automatic pressure maintenance in hydraulic cylinders operating at vertical compression.
  • Feeding platform provides fast unloading of glued products onto a roller conveyor located at a height of 0.9 m.
  • A carefully designed layout allows the use of one adhesive applicator and one set of conveyors to service two presses, provided they are mirrored.

To ask questions and order deliveries of hydraulic presses for gluing the construction timber directly from the manufacturer, please contact our managers in Vologda. An experienced employee of NPF TECHPROMSERVICE will promptly tell you about the features of the equipment being sold and offer the optimal press configuration for specific operating conditions