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Hammer crusher HAMMER-650

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE produces Hammer-650 hammer crushers with delivery in Russia. Certified units of the popular brand are widely used for grinding chips, chips, other solids and materials. They are ordered by woodworking plants, furniture factories, sawmills and other enterprises producing various types of building materials and biofuels. Maximum efficiency of hammer crushers is achieved in the second stage of waste processing as part of automated lines equipped with industrial shredders for wood.


Hammer-650 hammer crusher – an electromechanical impact unit for crushing branches, chips, polymers, grain products and other solid waste. Rotary type equipment provides reduction of bulk material particles to 200 micron depending on the size of sieve cells (grate).


A hammer-type crusher enables the following tasks to be solved:

  • Recycling of chips, shavings, building materials and other solids pre-crushed by shredding;
  • crushing most types of composite materials;
  • shredding various types of bulk materials into finely dispersed fractions;
  • shredding of paper, wood or industrial waste;

Structural features

The Hammer-650 hammer crusher is assembled using closed-loop technology based on several parts, among them:

  • a rigid frame made of steel profiles with a base plate mounted on anti-vibration roller supports;
  • a receiving hopper with a size limiter and a 215 x 484 mm window;
  • a 650 mm diameter rotor with impact elements – rotating hammers that provide crushing of solids;
  • a set of sieves or a grate with adjustable gaps;
  • electric motor with control panel;
  • unloading box;
  • removable hatches (lids) for easy maintenance and quick replacement of worn-out elements.

Principle of operation

Material can be loaded either manually or by means of a conveyor or a screw loader. Solid particles are crushed by the impact of special hammers made of high-strength steel, which are mounted on the rotor. An 18 kW(15) electric motor is provided for its rotation. The shredded pieces are calibrated using a grate or sieve, whose mesh sizes are adjusted to the required fraction of the final product.

Advantages of the Hammer-650

  • The popularity of in-house developed crushers is due to the following advantages: Efficient. The proposed equipment is capable of processing up to 1.2 m3/h of chips or other waste while saving up to 20% in electricity.
  • It is practical. The patented layout with closed-type rotor ensures easy maintenance and repair. Removable covers and hatches allow for prompt inspection and replacement of worn parts.
  • It is universal. The Hammer-650 hammer crusher can be purchased for recycling (grinding) various types of industrial and construction waste, bulk products, wood, grain and other solid materials.
  • Reliable. Its simple design ensures comfortable operation with a long service life.

To ask a specialist questions and order a Hammer-650 hammer crusher with delivery in Russia, please contact our manager in Vologda by phone, through a suitable social network messenger, the "Learn a price" or "Ask a question" service.