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Gorbyl processing line LPG-300

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE develops, manufactures and sells LPG-300 slurry processing lines. We sell a wide range of wood processing equipment throughout Russia and the CIS countries. We provide a full range of related services, including free consultations and recommendations in the selection of machines. If necessary, we provide training for operators. When you order lines from us, you receive support throughout the entire life cycle – maintenance, repair work, regardless of complexity, upgrading outdated units and programmes. All equipment is sold with delivery in Russia and neighboring countries.

Designation and features

Hump Processing Line LPG-300 – designed to process the edge boards obtained from longitudinal sawing of logs. On the outside, this material is distinguished by one cut surface along its entire length and a convexity on the other side, which is covered with bark. The equipment offered is used to cut the side of a log into a variety of sawn timber – a board. The design includes two woodworking machines. One processes the edges and the other divides the workpieces by thickness. As a result, the output produces a material with specified parameters. The raw material feed is combined, combining a chain belt with drive ripples.

Construction features of LPG-300

The layout of the line allows for the processing of slabs up to a length of 6500 mm. As the material passes between the blocks, it is locked in place, ensuring cutting accuracy.

  • All areas where the operator is likely to be hit when in close proximity to the machine are equipped with protective covers, curtains and claw guards.
  • Sawing dimensions are adjusted by bushings, which allow for precise setting of parameters. The setting error does not exceed 0.2 mm by 6 running metres.
  • The speed of wood processing is 5-60 m/min.
  • The maximum width of the finished board is 70 mm.

Advantages of LPG-300

The Gorbyl processing line has been designed to equip companies involved in wood processing and processing. The design of the LPG-300 can be modified and supplemented taking into account the necessary parameters of the finished material and the specifics of production. The proposed equipment has such advantages:

  • Productivity. The line is capable of processing about 8 m3 of wood per shift (8 working hours) or up to 3,600 m of logs per hour.
  • Efficiency. Compared to similar machines in this class, the LPG-300 is highly automated. As a result, two operators are sufficient to operate the line at full capacity.
  • Convenience. The parameters of the receiving window ensure fast loading of material up to 100 mm high and 300 mm wide. Carefully designed layout provides easy access to important components, easy maintenance, replacement and repair of parts and mechanisms.
  • Easy operation. The line performs all machining in automatic mode. Operators perform loading and unloading of material, additionally controlling the quality of the products they receive.
  • Safety. The equipment is equipped with sensors and systems that protect the power units from overloads.
  • Reliability. The power units are designed with a safety margin, which ensures a long service life and reliable operation with maximum loads.
  • Fast adjustment. Simple set-up allows you to quickly change the parameters of the material you receive, thus not wasting valuable time replacing the units and nozzles.
  • Versatility. The equipment offered can work not only separately, but also as part of automated complexes, when it is necessary to organise a full cycle of raw material processing.

LPG-300 design

The line design includes two main blocks, which process raw materials. A set of additional units and assemblies is used for their interaction, convenient material supply and reception, and control:

  • The loading table is a flat steel plate into which rollers are cut at short distance from each other. They facilitate the feed of material to the first processing chamber.
  • The side edge trimming unit regulates the width of the material by cutting off surplus material from the sides. Before cutting, the hump is scanned and falls onto a chain conveyor, where it is locked with feed rollers and directed to the saws. The maximum diameter of the cutting elements is 350 mm, making it possible to process fairly large workpieces.
  • The conveying conveyor is placed between the two blocks. Its task is to separate the sawn edges and redirect the workpieces to the second block with the saws. The material is moved by a chain belt placed at the bottom. The sawn edges at the output fall under the influence of gravity.
  • The cutting unit performs the final stage of processing, making a horizontal cut of the workpiece. The number of boards produced at the output depends on the thickness of the slab. A maximum of 3 pieces excluding the top roughing layer.
  • The unloading table is identical in design to the loading table – a flat surface with cut-in, slightly protruding rollers to facilitate pushing the boards.
  • The control is carried out via the built-in remote control. It ensures the activation of automation, units and assemblies. The design provides for the possibility of connecting the remote console and integrating it into automatic systems for complex processing (processing) of wood with general management.

Options for additional equipment

Often the LPG-300 slurry processing lines are integrated into the flow with drum-type choppers. This solution makes it possible to obtain chips from cuttings and defective blanks. It is possible to combine and/or expand the production cycle with other wood processing or lumber processing machines. Our extensive experience in manufacturing, installing, servicing and repairing production equipment allows us to implement projects of varying complexity. For a full list of our production capabilities, please contact your manager. A specialist will answer your questions, help you prepare an application and complete the line, taking into account the specifics of a particular enterprise.