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Equipment control cabinets

Technical specifications

The company NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" sells with a guarantee equipment control cabinets of different configurations. Designs are used to automate production processes, exercising control over the operation of machines and the state of executive lines. We offer modern solutions with high reliability and efficiency indicators for easy maintenance and operation. We provide full service and technological support. Thanks to our extensive experience in the development of production equipment, our specialists promptly implement solutions of varying complexity, ensuring impeccable performance in strict compliance with the requirements of GOST and international standards.

Performed tasks

The main tasks, the solution of which is provided by control cabinets, are:

  • indication of the current state of the equipment under control;
  • automatic control of technological processes according to specified algorithms;
  • control over working parameters;
  • equipment emergency shutdown in critical situations;
  • manual control of functions;
  • adjustment of working algorithms;
  • control of technological processes parameters;
  • power consumption accounting;
  • recording and transmission of data on controlled processes.

To perform the specified functions, the cabinets designs provide a large list of configurations. The complete set of equipment includes: software logic controllers, protection and soft start devices, switching devices, frequency converters, etc.

Advantages of equipment control cabinets

  • Ease of use. We develop designs so as to provide the most convenient access to the complete equipment.
  • Sophisticated ergonomics. Cabinets offered at low prices have minimal dimensions, which saves space in production. Thanks to a detailed layout, the most efficient use of space with the possibility of expansion, modernization.
  • Increased reliability. We pay special attention to the quality of assembly, which ensures that the solutions offered are durable and reliable. Quality control begins with the selection of raw materials. The design of cabinets provides the necessary elements of rigidity and protective coverings.
  • Versatility of application. Offered cabinets are unified – they have a universal design, location and form of technological holes. Due to this, they can be used to complete different lines and separate equipment.
  • Adaptivity. At the customer’s request, the design can be modified to meet the specification of the specific production and equipment. At the same time, regulatory requirements are strictly observed.
  • Functionality. Experience of our engineers from 7-10 years and availability of technical resources allow us to develop efficient and reliable multitasking solutions with high level of safety, easy maintenance and intuitive operation.
  • Favorable prices are the result of a large number of quality parts produced in Russia and abroad.

To buy a control cabinet from the manufacturer

The company NPF "TECHPROMSERVICE" manufactures structures of different complexity for work in automatic mode with the possibility of adjustment and manual control. Depending on the technical task, the development can take up to two weeks. You can buy a control cabinet equipment on pre-payment, on credit or under the leasing program. Delivery is carried out in all regions of Russia and the CIS. Leave a request or contact us in a convenient way. Experienced managers will provide comprehensive information about the available options for layout of the enclosure.