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Drying chambers

Technical specifications

MGR-50-AI Series drying complexes are spacious storage facilities specially equipped for intensive drying of up to 200 cubes of lumber or different types of wood. The company NPF “TECHPROMSERVICE” offers manufacturing and delivery of chambers with different volumes of turnkey loading. Profile engineers are ready to promptly develop a project taking into account the needs of a particular enterprise. Once the individual parts and modules have been manufactured, we ensure the delivery of equipment. Then we perform assembly, installation and commissioning. Throughout the entire life cycle, our employees provide full information and technical support. If necessary, we carry out maintenance, staff training, repair and modernisation of the equipment supplied. For more details, please call our managers.

Constructional features

The MGR-50-AI drying chamber is a frame structure that provides a single load of up to 200 m3 of raw timber. The frame is made on the basis of steel profiles covered with aluminium sheets. Special stiffening ribs provide additional strength. Hydrophobic mineral wool panels of P90-110 series with a thickness of 150 mm are used for insulation of walls and ceiling. Thanks to the increased density of the insulating material inside the chamber, optimum drying conditions are maintained at temperatures above -55 0C.

The set of standard drying chamber equipment consists of the following names:

  • Italian Delphi series controllers;
  • External amplifiers LG-25;
  • biometric double-row heat exchangers with a total capacity of 350 kW;
  • electric motors with heat resistance class H, designed to operate at temperatures up to +150 0C and 100% humidity
  • sets of temperature sensors with clamps, plugs and ten-metre Teflon cables
  • cable sets for wood control sensors
  • sets of electrodes measuring humidity with a length of 15-40 mm
  • pulp plate sets for EMC testing;
  • sets of special devices and accessories
  • specialized application with several drying programs.

The possibility of producing drying chambers with different sizes and configuration options is provided for individual applications.

Benefits of drying chambers from Techpromservis

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers only effective solutions adapted to the needs of a particular production or enterprise. The popularity of MGR-50-AI series drying chambers is due to the following advantages:

  • High intensity drying without compromising the quality of the wood is ensured by the use of high-precision Italian equipment and a proprietary software application.
  • The durability of the structure has been realized by using oxide-neutral materials for the construction of a robust structure.
  • Easy service and operation with a high level of maintainability. Throughout the life of the camera, our company provides deliveries of components and accessories.
  • High reliability and long life of Italian equipment.
  • Low heat losses are achieved through the use of high-quality 150 mm thick multilayer thermal insulation.
  • Universal application, the chambers offered are designed for drying different types of lumber and wood, regardless of size or species.

For more details and to order the turnkey MGR-50-AI dryer series, please contact our managers. We will offer the best solution for your specific requirements and requests.