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CPT320 thin gauge lathe

Technical specifications

The STR-320 Panel machine for thin timber is specially designed to process thin timber into a carriage (two-sided beam) or a cutting board. The production pass type complex is capable of sawing up to 70-100 cubic metres of blanks with a diameter of 100-300 mm and a length of 2-6 metres per shift. Feeding of thin round timber is carried out with the possibility of smooth adjustment within 3-15 meters per minute. A lumberjack can be purchased to complete semi-automatic or automatic lumber production lines.

Construction details

The design of the unit is based on a twin-shaft pattern with the possibility of mounting 2-5 circular saws with a diameter of up to 500 mm on each shaft. Its main components are:

  • Frame frame is made of steel channels and thick-walled support profiles with special reinforcing ribs.
  • Two-section reception area with the dimensions of each part 3.3 m.
  • Cross conveyor belt with chain type pushers, the number of which is supplied according to the specific production.
  • Saw unit based on two shafts, the upper one is movable.
  • A set of circular saws.
  • Rolling with a set of separating plates.
  • Stransverse Transporter.
  • Set of electric motors providing rotation of top and bottom shafts with total capacity of 53.5 (54.2) kW.
  • Feed and receipt drive gear motor with infinitely variable rotation control mechanism.
  • Cognitive protection against accidental release of trimmings.
  • Sawdust collection and disposal device.
  • Tincture electric cabinet with switching, control and protection unit, remote panel and remote control.

An individual request, additional equipment and accessories may be included in the scope of delivery to increase the functionality and productivity of the timbering machine. For a list of available equipment, please contact our manager.

Principle of work

Tonkomer is first loaded onto the receiving table using a forklift or manually. After identification, each log is fed into the saw unit by a cross conveyor and pusher. The speed at which the workpiece is moved is controlled by the operator via a control panel or remote control between 3 and 15 m/min.

In the exit of the saw unit, the lumber is divided into a carriage, a board and a hump by means of powerful plates. They are then moved using a cross conveyor belt to the receiving table of the sorting and palletizing line.

Benefits of CPT-320

  • High strength construction is designed for intensive work with maximum loads over a wide temperature range.
  • Feeding mechanism using chain bars and a stop at the end of the deck ensures reliable feeding of blanks of different thicknesses and lengths.
  • Easy settings, easy maintenance and operation without special training.
  • Cogging protection logs prevents accidental ejection of trimmings when cutting thin blanks.
  • Powerful separator plates not only separate lumber, but also prevent the saws from jamming.
To consult and arrange for the purchase of a CPT-320 tonnomer lumber machine with delivery, please contact the manager of Techpromservis. Our company offers a wide range of equipment for timber processing companies. Delivery of machines or complex solutions of our own production is carried out with a full list of additional services. Profile engineers on each request develop a project taking into account specific requirements and wishes of the customer. Such an algorithm of cooperation ensures the supply of equipment adapted to the specific needs as much as possible.