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CPT240 thin chamber lathe

Technical specifications

The STR-240 thin gauge lumber machine is the optimal solution for both medium and large enterprises producing lumber, packaging, furniture or other wood products. Thanks to its single-shaft design, the unit can process up to 30-50 cubic metres or 150-400 logs with a cross-section of 100-200 mm per shift. Depending on current needs, it provides two or four saw blanks to a 47-150 mm thick carriage, an unedged board and a slab. The tinker feed is implemented by means of chain bars with pushers. In the basic configuration, the machine is supplied with speed sensors and main drive load sensors. The design is prepared for installation of the aspiration device – sawdust collection and removal.

Layout features

Beam machine for tonnomer STR-240 – manufactured according to a single-shaft scheme based on the following main units and mechanisms

  • Two-section reception table 3.3+3.3 m for loading logs up to 6 m long
  • feeding conveyor with chain type pushers and three stops, the number of pushers is determined taking into account the length of the timber being processed
  • single-shaft saw unit equipped for mounting 2-4 630 mm diameter saws
  • main electric drive with a capacity of 31.5 kW;
  • exit table from one section 3.3 m;
  • motor reducer for feeding and receiving finished timber with infinitely variable speed adjustment mechanism
  • switching, control and protection unit in the form of an electric cabinet on a rack with a remote panel and a remote control
  • claw curtain to prevent accidental ejection of cuttings from the saw unit.
  • a set of four saws, their cost is not included in the price of the machine.

In addition to the basic configuration, you can order a set of special devices and accessories from us. Their use makes it possible to expand functionality, increase productivity and/or improve operational safety. Upon individual requests, we supply additional spacers, tonnomer loading and slabbing conveyors, exit table sections, waste processing lines, etc.

Principle of work

The logs are loaded onto the receiving table manually, with a forklift or with a conveyor. After identification, the thinner is fed by a cross conveyor belt to the feed line, where it is picked up by pushers with three stops. The firmly fixed workpiece is fed into the saw unit for subsequent cutting. The rate at which the deck is moved is set by the operator via a control panel or remote control between 3 and 15 metres per minute.
Inside the saw unit, 2-4 saws are cut from the inside of the tonomer. The finished lumber is separated using special knives. Massive plates not only separate the carriage from the board and the hump, but also prevent the saws from clamping. Finally, the material is moved by the cross conveyor chain bars to a sorting and subsequent bundling conveyor.

Benefits of CPT-240

  • Improved productivity with the ability to process thinners in a wide range of thicknesses and lengths.
  • The solid and reliable layout based on certified components and mechanisms ensures a long service life and high maintainability.
  • Easy settings, comfortable operation and easy maintenance.
  • Quick reconfiguration to work with different types of thinner.
  • Capacity to work as part of automated sawn timber production lines.

To find out more about the capabilities of the STR-240 thin-cutting machine and make a purchase order, please contact our manager.