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Conical roller conveyor with rollers for logs

Technical specifications

NPF TECHROMSERVICE sells tapered rollers with rollers for logs from its own production. Drive conveyors are designed to mechanise the supply or reception of round logs during the processing of wood. The machines offered with delivery are designed to work with decks up to 600 mm thick and up to 6.5 m long. They are characterized by good durability, simple and reliable construction with a long service life. The equipment can be ordered with delivery in Russia and the CIS. Our company offers only effective solutions of increased productivity with full information and technical support throughout the life cycle.

Designation, features

Log Roller Cone Roller Conveyor (LCRB) – a type of conveyor (transporter) of the drive type. It is designed for longitudinal movement of round billets. Compared to other types, the machine has a special configuration of work elements. The significant reduction of the profile cross-section to the middle ensures that the round is fixed in a strictly longitudinal position. The logs are moved by rotating the rollers connected via sprockets and chain gear to the gear motor.

  • The structure of the ECRB consists of the following main parts:
  • Support frame with sturdy frame made of steel channels, reinforced with transverse profiles.
  • A set of bevel rollers, whose axles are mounted on bearings across the frame.
  • Cylindrical-type gear motor manufactured in Italy.
  • A set of drive chains and bypass sprockets located through each axle.

Protection and switching unit with remote control panel. It provides not only power on and off, but also speed control of the rollers, as well as protection of the electric motor from short circuits and overloads.

Principle of operation

The movement of the logs is due to the friction force that occurs between the load and the rollers that receive rotation from the gear motor through the drive chains and bypass sprockets. The cone-shaped profile of the rollers with a large gradient to the middle axis ensures good alignment and a secure fixation of the round timber with a cross section of 100-600 mm.

Advantages of RRB

Our company sells equipment to complete lines for processing wood from our own production. Profile engineers design machines and equipment taking into account the technological processes of a particular enterprise. Frame length and configuration, roller spacing and other parameters are agreed with the customer after confirmation of the order. The popularity of the rollers offered is due to the following advantages:

  • High-strength construction, designed to handle heavy loads.
  • Good alignment and log-locking due to the special configuration of rollers. Increased productivity, 5-30 (60) metres per minute transport speed.
  • Mounted roller axles on bearings ensure easy rotation under heavy load, which significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • Bypass sprockets are covered with special fences to prevent injuries to maintenance personnel.
  • Mounting the sprockets through each axis increases the roller tooth girth area.
  • Easy assembly, set-up, maintenance and repair thanks to easy access to components and mechanisms.
  • Ability to work with round blanks in a wide range of sizes.

Contact our managers in Vologda to learn more about the benefits of working with Techpromservis and to order roller conveyors.