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Chip production line

Technical specifications

The chip production line from NPF TECHROMSERVICE can be purchased with delivery to Russia and other CIS countries. Our company sells a wide range of equipment for processing lumber with a full list of related services. Profile engineers conduct free consultations, develop recommendations for selecting machines. They ensure the supply, assembly, installation, adjustment and commissioning of the lines. We perform maintenance, modernisation and repair of sold equipment throughout its entire service life. If necessary, we train operators for work.

Designation, design

The chip production line (LPS) is a specialized complex for automatic processing of planks, slabs, balance and other lumber into chips with subsequent packing into briquettes. The original design of the industrial plant makes it possible to adjust the size of the finished material by adjusting the roll-out. The capacity of the line is up to 80-10 m3 of briquettes weighing up to 35 kg per shift.

The price of the basic equipment of the automatic chip production complex is given with the following composition in mind:

  • Automatic wood chip machine SDS-3 is designed for processing lumber into chips.
  • Separator SBL-100 ensures separation of crushed material fractions.
  • The PGBU-2000 hydraulic packing press is required for pressing the chips into briquettes.
  • Belt conveyors are used to load the shredded material into the separator and press as well as to move the briquettes to the storage and packaging area. Their quantity is determined by the production needs of the customer.

In addition to the basic set, it is possible to complete the chip production line with other equipment tailored to the needs of a particular enterprise. The list of available LPS configurations can be clarified by contacting our managers.

Advantages of LPS

The popularity of chip production lines is due to the following advantages:

  • Efficiency. LPS is capable of processing up to 240-320 m3 of various lumber per shift, including roundwood up to 600 mm in diameter.
  • Practicality. Thanks to the wide loading window, both manual and mechanised loading of raw materials is possible. There is no need to stop the line.
  • Reliability. The power elements of the structure are made with a large margin of safety. Combined with imported components and machinery, this solution ensures a long service life with minimum maintenance.
  • Versatility. Thanks to a wide range of settings, the line can be easily adapted for processing various types of lumber: planks, decks, bars, slabs, etc. It is possible to obtain chips of a given size at the output. Cutting elements can be adjusted without stopping the LPS beforehand.
  • It is convenient. The simple layout with a large number of technological holes, hatches and compartments provides easy access, comfortable maintenance and, if necessary, replacement of failed parts, assemblies or units.
  • Adaptability. The line can be easily adapted to the needs of a particular production facility. A wide range of equipment makes it possible to quickly modernise the LPS by adding additional machines and machinery to solve the company’s current tasks. If necessary, the equipment included in the line can be used separately.

Basic composition of the chip production line

  • The SDS-3 automatic chipbreaker is a productive industrial grade machine. The machine is designed for processing various types of lumber into chips of a given size. The raw material is shredded in a chamber, in the lower part of which a block of movable shafts is mounted. Fixed wood that drops down under its own weight and with the help of gear rollers is continuously planed. This solution eliminates the need to interrupt the process to load the raw material. A large hopper with a wide window ensures safe loading of lumber by hand, with a conveyor or loader. Chip size adjustment is carried out by adjusting the roll outs.
  • Separator SBL100 – ensures that the shredded material is sorted into fractions of the required size. Capacity of the unit is up to 400 m3 per shift. Separation into the required fractions is carried out by installing meshes with cells of the required configuration. The shredded material is loaded into the hopper by means of a belt conveyor.
  • PGBU2000 Hydraulic Packaging Press – cyclic type unit with a pressing ratio of ¼. for briquetting shredded lumber up to 10-15 mm in size. It is a frame structure on which the following components are mounted: mold (hopper), movable plate and hydraulic drive with control unit. The hydraulic press operates on the jack principle. An electric motor ensures the rotation of the pump, which creates the pressure of the working medium in the system. After the hopper is filled, the mobile platform shifts under the pressure of the hydraulic fluid. The chips are compacted and a briquette is formed. The shredded material is loaded into the hopper by means of a conveyor. Finished briquettes are unloaded through a side window. A belt conveyor is used to move the briquettes further to the storage or loading area.
  • Belt conveyors – with blades ensure that the material is loaded and moved. Their quantity is selected according to individual requests, taking into account the needs of a particular company.

Our company sells a wide range of productive equipment for processing lumber from our own production. In addition to standard equipment, we can order the delivery of lines with a configuration adapted to the needs of specific technological processes. For more details, please contact our managers via the feedback service or messenger.