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Chain transporter with piece-by-piece delivery

Technical specifications

TECHPROMSERVICE offers chain conveyors with its own turnkey production on a piece-by-piece basis. We sell modern, reliable industrial equipment to equip companies involved in waste disposal and/or wood processing. The designs offered at affordable prices show high efficiency in various production environments with minimal maintenance requirements and easy operation. Chain conveyors can be purchased with delivery in Russia as well as in adjacent regions of the CIS countries.

Destination and design features

Chain-operated transporter is used to receive lumber from a batch conveyor or loading table for subsequent feeding of scattered boards for further processing. Such mechanisation is indispensable in various wood processing and processing lines, where it is necessary to separate the packs of billets coming after drying. Its operation does not require control or operator assistance – all work processes are automated.

Construction details

Chain conveyor with piece-by-piece output is a fully autonomous equipment equipped with a separate electric motor and control unit. Its design allows adjustment of parameters for synchronisation with other machines. For the piece-by-piece delivery of materials, there is an additional clamping and feeding system equipped with a pneumatic drive. The overall dimensions of the equipment in the standard configuration are 1775 x 5525 x 1500 mm (DhShV). They can be modified to suit specific production conditions or the machines to be supplied.

Benefits of chain conveyor with unit output

  • Efficiency is the result of detailed design and balanced performance. The conveyor belt has six chain bars made of steel alloys with increased resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Performance. The maximum travel speed is 30 m/min with only 1.5 kW installed.
  • Complete automation. The movement of workpieces on the transporter is carried out without staff involvement. The operator is only required to adjust the settings to the width of the lumber.
  • Reliability. We design equipment with a good margin of safety to increase its durability.
  • Assembly quality is monitored at all stages and supported by a full warranty.
  • Universal.Transporters are equipped with automation and control facilities, allowing them to be integrated into multitasking lines or assembled with individual machines.
  • Adaptability. The design provides for a number of allowable technological changes to the line or machine to be completed.
  • Accessible service. The reduction of service costs is the result of simplification of design and use of domestic complete sets, which are not inferior in reliability and resource to foreign analogues.

Buy chain conveyor from manufacturer

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers to buy a chain conveyor with an item delivery on favorable terms. In addition to equipment sales, we provide a full range of services including installation, connection, maintenance, repair and modernisation. You can pay for the purchase on credit, under a leasing programme or in advance by one payment. To consult and place an order, use the feedback form, telephone number or e-mail. Our managers will provide full information about services, production, equipment sold, purchase and delivery options.