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Board splitter slide

Technical specifications

The board splitter slide is an integral part of the production lines for furniture, packaging and other wood-based products and structures. It is needed to organise the piece-by-piece delivery of thinner lumber in the right position, taking into account the next technological operation. Our company sells an extensive line of equipment for woodworking, lumber and waste processing companies. Products from our own production are supplied with a full range of services. Upon individual requests, our engineers develop projects and organise the manufacture and delivery of machines throughout Russia. If necessary, they perform installation of lines, commissioning, maintenance, repair and modernisation. Learn more by contacting our managers!

Appointment, operating principle

Board splitter slide (BSC) – a type of cross conveyor chain type. The machine is designed for mechanised disassembly of packaged lumber and feeding of piece blanks in the correct position to a driving roller conveyor or bag forming machine. The four chain breaker bars are driven by a 1.5 kW electric gear motor connected via a coupling. The bars are made on the basis of PR-25-4 series traction chains.

The GDD design consists of the following parts:

  • The frame frame is made in the form of a slide made of steel profiles, thick-walled pipes and ribs.
  • Gear motor with a braking mechanism mounted in the middle of the conveyor frame.
  • Four drive sections on the basis of traction chains with a large pitch, forming a working sheet on which the boards are moved.
  • A protection unit with control panel provides for setting, switching on and off the gear motor. The electronic module, based on a load circuit breaker, prevents the motor from operating during overloads and short circuits in the power supply circuit.

Principle of operation

The thinner lumber in bundles is loaded onto a slide – a reception table with a slope. Due to the force of gravity, the pack is moved to the separating device. The movable part in the form of four drive sections performs reciprocating movements, which results in the separation of one board from the bundle. The piece workpiece is centred and fed to the post-processing line. On individual requests, it is possible to produce a horizontal reception table equipped with chain rails driven by a gear motor.


Plank slides are in demand at wood processing plants as they are the easiest and most affordable way to organise mechanised separation and preparation of thinner timber for subsequent technological operations. Their popularity is due to the following advantages:

  • High productivity due to board movement speeds of up to 45 metres per minute.
  • Increased reliability is ensured by a carefully designed layout designed for long term operation with maximum loads.
  • Versatility of application, the slide is capable of separating packages of boards with cross sections from 22-72 to 75-250 mm.
  • Easy to install, set up, maintain and operate.
  • High level of maintainability thanks to its reliable and simple design.
  • Available spare parts and consumables.

To ask questions and order the delivery of slides or other machines, contact TechPromService managers. Our company sells a wide range of equipment for wood processing, sawn timber production and waste processing. You can order individual machines, conveyors, tables and other piece items from us, as well as complex solutions with varying degrees of automation.