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Batch facing

Technical specifications

Batch facing from NPF TECHPROMSERVICE is a good way to improve profitability by quickly forming the required size bundles at low cost. The processing of lumber is carried out without additional equipment or manual sawing. The machine can be used separately or as part of automated lines. Our company provides a wide range of effective solutions for companies specialising in the processing of wood, the production of sawn timber, furniture and other wood products.

Purpose, design features

Batch facing – electromechanical machine for face alignment and subsequent sawing of transport (tight) bundles (stacks) of boards, laths, bars or other lumber of a given length. The unique design based on a double-sided stabilisation bar with a length of 1500 mm allows for fast processing of packages with high cutting accuracy. If necessary, the machine can be used to process packs of other products such as polyethylene pipes or foam concrete after the replacement of special cutting elements.

Constructional features

The design of the batch facing machine is based on the following parts:

  • High strength frame made of steel channels, reinforced with stiffening ribs.
  • Roller 1760 mm wide, mounted inside the bed.
  • Portal as a vertical frame of channels.
  • The frame of the two-supported type is mixed along the bed by horizontal guides.
  • Saw module with chain type bar 1500 mm long, fixed to the portal on both sides. A special mechanism ensures the stabilisation of the bar in the horizontal plane.
  • Electric drive for horizontal portal movement 5.5 kW
  • Vertical gear motor of the saw module 5.5 kW
  • Protection and switching unit with control panel, remote control.

In individual applications, it is possible to produce batch facing with other bed sizes, taking into account the size of the lumber packs being processed. In addition, the machine can be equipped with a feed roller, a sawdust and waste disposal device and other equipment.

Principle of work

Packaging is performed in several stages. Their number depends on the parameters defined on the control panel. First, a packet is loaded onto the bed using a forklift or roller conveyor. The cutting of the front edge is done by vertical sawing. The 10.2 mm chain bus is lowered smoothly by means of a vertical drive to form an even cut. After trimming, the saw unit returns to the upper, starting position.
In the second stage, the portal is moved horizontally at a distance defined by an “electronic ruler” on the control panel. The frame is fixed with a rigid stop. The tyre is lowered, separating part of the pack of specified lengths. In the following stages, the cutting of a new section is repeated in a similar order. At the end, the back edge of the last part of the tutu is cut.

Advantages of batch facing from NPF TECHPROMSERVICE

  • High accuracy processing of lumber packages thanks to a special double-sided stabilization mechanism.
  • The high-strength construction allows for high-precision cutting of large bundles, excluding vibrations.
  • The ability to manufacture machine tools according to the size of the customer, as well as to complete with additional equipment tailored to specific technological operations.
  • Intuitive settings, easy operation, convenient maintenance.
  • Long service life, high level of maintainability.

For more details and to order supplies of equipment for wood processing, lumber production, furniture and other products, please contact our managers.