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Bag forming machine

Technical specifications

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers bag forming machines and other effective solutions for wood processing and lumber production enterprises. We sell both individual machines and complex solutions of our own production with a full range of additional services.

Purpose, design features

Pack forming machine (PFM) is a highly specialised machine that provides automatic layer-by-layer assembly of individual workpieces into a bundle. It is used to form transport (dense) or drying packages from planks, bars, laths and other flat timber. Depending on the specific modification, it is envisaged to align the workpieces in a bundle on one or two edges simultaneously. Laying of gasket material is performed manually or automatically by a mechanised method.

The proposed horizontal type PFM machines are designed for the processing of piece lumber with cross sections from 14×72 to 75×250 mm. Automatically, 1.5 m wide packages with lengths from 4 to 6 metres are formed.

Typical PFM design consists of the following parts:

  • Frame-type frame made of thick-walled channels.
  • Input (feed) roller conveyor equipped with pushers.
  • Chipper device with piece-by-piece feed mechanism.
  • Four lifting carriages.
  • Four mechanisms for feeding gasket material.
  • Exit roller conveyor.
  • Control and protection unit with remote panel and remote control.

Principle of work

The sawn timber is fed to the feeding table by means of a loading conveyor – an input (feed) roller conveyor. A ribbon-type device provides face-to-face and piece-by-piece feeding of the boards to form a continuous row of blanks on high links in the chain bar. Lifting carriages lift the resulting row and transfer it to a bundle forming platform.
The alternation of the high and low chain bar links ensures that the bundle tiers are assembled alternately. When the carriage is lowered, a gasket feed mechanism is triggered above the carriage. The operations are repeated until the bundle is formed with the specified parameters. Once the bundle has been assembled, it is lowered onto the output roller conveyor to be moved to the storage, loading or drying point.

PFM benefits

NPF TECHPROMSERVICE offers PFMs designed for intensive operation with maximum loads. Their popularity is due to the following advantages:

  • Improved productivity up to 10 m/min thanks to carefully designed design combined with the use of new technologies and branded developments.
  • Easy assembly with the use of imported components, unit-certified and mechanisms ensures high reliability and a long service life.
  • Easy installation, setup and maintenance.
  • Possibility to use both separately and as part of lumber production lines with different degrees of automation.
  • High level of maintainability, spare parts available.

Based on individual requests, our specialists develop the project taking into account specific technological processes and customer requirements. Once the equipment is manufactured, it is delivered to the specified address in any region of Russia and the CIS. Our engineers supervise installation, adjustment and commissioning of machines or lines. We provide service under warranty and post-warranty conditions, as well as carry out modernization and integration of machines into existing lines if necessary. To find out more about the characteristics of batch forming machines and to make a delivery request, please contact our manager.